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Eddy the eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus gunnii


The most important information about Eddy the eucalyptus

How to take care of your eucalyptus

The plant prefers a location With lots of light, but not direct sunlight. Water the plant when the soil surface has dried. Fertilize the plant every three weeks. Avoid waterlogging. The soil should never be soaked for a long period of time. Eddy's Latin name is: Eucalyptus gunnii.

This is where 'Eucalyptus gunnii' is native

The plant The plant originally came from Australia. There it is the sacred tree of the Aborigines and the favorite food of koalas.

That's why we love the eucalyptus

The leaf is round and has a characteristic grey, green, blue colour. The flowers of Eucalyptus 'Gunnii' are white and bloom in summer.

This makes your eucalyptus very special

Eucalyptus Gunnii is a beautiful, robust and evergreen plant. The eucalyptus is an evergreen eucalyptus bush. The leaf is fragrant to the touch, which is because fragrant oil is released quickly A multifunctional plant that smells wonderful and is also very pretty! In addition, this plant is ideal for use against mosquitoes. The eucalyptus keeps mosquitoes away.

Damit Eddy auf der Reise unbeschädigt bleibt, geben wir uns extra viel Mühe.

Unbleached, FSC-certified kraft cardboard is used for the transport box. This makes the transport box particularly stable and robust.
To protect your plant, it is wrapped in recyclable plastic. This will prevent damp earth from soaking through the box.
Shipping can get turbulent at times. The pot is fixed with a cardboard stand and thus prevents uncontrolled wobbling and damage to your plant.

Falls Du noch Fragen hast oder Tipps zu Deiner Pflanze benötigst, schreib gerne jederzeit eine Mail an unsere Gärtnerin Lola.

Die besten Freunde von Eddy

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