Climate positive plants

Our vision for a sustainable online plant shop

Scientists all around the world are warning about global warming and its impact. The reason: tons of CO2 are being emitted every day and e-commerce has a major role in this. In Germany alone, around 5.8 million parcels are sent every day, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 2,906 tons. That's as much as 1,264 cross-country flights from Frankfurt to New York. And that daily.

Our solution
We calculate the CO2 emission for every plant we ship and compensate it completely.

How can a plant not be climate positive?

If we think about plants, we automatically think about fresh air. And of course, plants bind CO2, as they need it to grow. However, growing plants is different from growing trees in the forest. In order to produce a plant for sale, greenhouses have to be heated and water has to be treated for several months - sometimes even years. So by the time your plant is packed, a lot of CO2 has already been emitted.

110% climate positive

We have been thinking a lot about how we can have a positive impact on the world. As a company, we believe that we have a fundamental responsibility towards the environment.

While cultivation, growing and shipping, we already try to save as much CO2 as possible. Transport distances are being optimized and we mainly use solar energy for heating. In addition, we not only offset the CO2-emissions of each plant shipped, but also another 10%.

This is how much CO2 was already compensated


= 39 × Berlin   London

This is how much extra CO2 we offset


= 4 × Berlin   London

This is how much CO2 we want to compensate


= 141 × Berlin   London

Our look at the future

As a company, we are aware of our responsibility and are constantly trying to optimize our processes and make them more sustainable. We want to set a good example to combat global warming.
Our promise
With buying a plant from Botanicly, you support a climate positive balance and actively contribute to a better world.

Support us in our mission to make our planet a little bit greener!

Our topsellers

Cactus & Succulent plant – candelabra tree in brown terracotta pot as a set – Height: 80 cm
Characteristic: in brown terracotta pot | Type: 90 cm | Type: 80 cm

Variants from €42.95*
Cactus & Succulent plant – candelabra tree – Height: 80 cm
Characteristic: without planter | Type: 80 cm | Type: 70 cm

Indoor Plant – Lova Umbrella Tree in stone 'Lava 4' as a set – Height: 48 cm
Characteristic: in stone 'Lava 4' | Type: 48 cm