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partial shade






The monstera has its home in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.


The green plant is quite undemanding. Place the Monstera in a bright, but not full sunny location. The tropical plant likes damp heat. Give so much water that the soil always remains slightly moist. However, the Monstera does not tolerate waterlogging.

Fun fact

The plant owes its name window leaf to the special shape of the window-rich leaves.

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Friends of the mostera

We racked our brains to find out which plants might suit you. Here is a selection of plants that will certainly arouse your interest.


The plant is native to South Africa and grows near rivers or in forest clearings.

Snake plant

The plant originally comes from Africa, Madagascar and South Asia. It is known for being extremely easy to care for and is air-purifying!


The miniature tree, which originates from China, is considered to be a garden art. It is not for nothing that the ficus has been one of the most popular green house plants for many years.