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The houseplant has its origins in Zanzibar, Kenya and Madagascar.


The lucky feather is very popular because of its easy-care nature. It grows fast and is an eye-catcher because of its deep green colour. It does not need much water or light and is therefore also suitable for people without green thumbs.

Fun fact

The lucky feather has only been sold in Europe since 1996. It is therefore still a new arrival in European living rooms.

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Friends of the ZZ plant

We racked our brains to find out which plants might suit you. Here is a selection of plants that will certainly arouse your interest.

Nest fern

The nest fern is used to a tropical climate and loves high humidity. It prefers a shadier place and this should not be changed often.


The Clusia, originated in the Caribbean and is becoming increasingly popular as an indoor plant. To stimulate its growth you can spray it with water!


The pothos is a green climbing plant from South East Asia. The robust indoor plant is air-purifying and removes all kinds of pollutants from the air!