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5-star system

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The Fair Flora LABEL

Fair Flora is the European label for fair and sustainably grown plants and flowers from conscious growers. Our label is only awarded to the plants of growers who are committed to making floriculture more sustainable, and thus have a positive impact on people and the environment.

There are several conditions for growers to qualify for the Fair Flora label. A grower must achieve at least the 3 mandatory stars of our 5-star system. This means that a grower must comply with MPS/GLOBALGAP, calculate its footprint, make efforts to improve the footprint annually and be transparent about this. Therefore, Fair Flora stands for honesty, sustainability and transparency.

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High quality plants by Fair Flora

Highest quality

With a Fair Flora plant, you are buying a product from a grower who is making an extreme effort to make his production more sustainable. It is also a fair product: everyone in the chain makes a profit in order to continue to be sustainable. And because only the very best growers participate in Fair Flora, you will only receive top-quality plants at home.

Climate-friendly plants

Fair Flora products are also climate-friendly, as more CO2 is offset than is emitted by the growers. This is achieved by planting bamboo through Bamboo Village Uganda. As part of the proceeds are also used for social projects, you as a customer explicitly contribute to a better world.

Sustainable Plants by Fair Flora

The 5-star system

Only if a producer fulfills 3 out of 5 conditions can they call themselves a part of Fair Flora and use the Fair Flora label.


Climate Positive


The grower must calculate its footprint and make an annual effort to improve its footprint. To become climate positive, the next step is to offset 10% on top of the CO2 emissions that are caused by growing the plants.


Environmental Certification


The grower must have at least an MPS-A environmental certificate. MPS-ABC is a monitoring tool that allows companies to push the right buttons to reduce their environmental impact. Consumption is registered, which leads to a more conscious consumption of resources.

Plant protection

Retail Certification


The grower must own a GLOBALGAP or MPS-GAP retail certificate, which allows deliveries to be made to international retailers. The grower also meets requirements in areas such as traceability, environment, crop protection and recall procedures.


Social Certification


Good working conditions play an important role for many traders and consumers. Also for Fair Flora. With the MPS-Socially Qualified (SQ) or GRASP certificate, a company meets the international requirements in the field of health and safety.


Plastic free


The grower makes an effort to increasingly replace plastic packaging materials with biodegradable alternatives.

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