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High quality

Only the best producers are part of Fair Flora

Five star system

5-star system

Clear guidelines for the producer



You know exactly where your plant comes from.

The Fair Flora concept

Fair Flora stands for honesty, sustainability and transparency. We have set ourselves the goal of bringing sustainably cultivated plants to the market throughout Europe. Our growers are committed to making the cultivation of plants more sustainable and to reducing their own carbon footprint. Our 5-star system ensures transparency and clear rules. Only if growers achieve at least 3 stars are they allowed to use the label.

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Our promise

High quality plants by Fair Flora

Highest quality

With a Fair Flora plant, you are buying a product from a producer who is making an extreme effort to make his production more sustainable. It is also a fair product: everyone in the chain makes a profit in order to continue to be sustainable. And because only the very best producers participate in Fair Flora, you will only receive top quality plants at home.

Climate-friendly plants

Fair-Flora products are also climate-friendly, as more CO² is offset than is emitted by the producers. This is achieved by planting bamboo in Uganda, Guatemala, India and the Netherlands. As part of the proceeds are also used for social projects, you as a customer explicitly contribute to a better world.

Sustainable Plants by Fair Flora

The 5-star system

Only if a producer fulfils 3 out of 5 conditions can they call themselves a part of Fair Flora and use the Fair Flora label.



Inorganic fertilisers must give way to organic fertilisers. For the protection of the planet and our employees.


Energy change

Gas is exchanged for geothermal energy and grey electricity for green electricity such as solar energy.

Plant protection

Plant protection

Growers must use biological solutions to protect plants and use even fewer chemicals.



The transport of the plants play an important role. Electric cars are used and attention is paid to short transport distances.



Plastic packaging materials are increasingly being replaced by biodegradable alternatives.

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