DIY Sustainable Garden in a Bottle: Jar Large – Ficus ginseng


Product number: B605
Product information "DIY Sustainable Garden in a Bottle: Jar Large – Ficus ginseng"
  • ABOUT GARDENS IN A BOTTLE: A garden in a bottle is a small miracle. It is a closed ecosystem and supplies itself (almost) automatically through a natural cycle. The plant absorbs moisture from the soil, which evaporates through the leaves and in return moistens the soil. Through this the garden in a bottle lives self-sufficiently. This terrarium is a wonderful gift for all those who long for a small piece of real nature and are looking for a stylish accessory for their home or office.
  • DIY TERRARIUM SET: Your own garden in a bottle in just 4 easy steps! Clear manual with tips and information included! All materials are sustainable produced: A designer glass made in Italy, stones, moss and MPS-GAP certified plants. All components are delivered in well wrapped packages. A multilingual manual is included to help you assemble and design your garden in a bottle.
  • ABOUT THE PLANT: You can recognize the ficus ginseng by its irregularly shaped aerial roots - Gingseng is Chinese for 'carrot' and shiny oval leaves. This Asian beauty, which looks a bit like a bonsai tree, is accompanied by a carefully selected botanical plant.
  • TAKING CARE OF YOUR GARDEN: Your bottle garden supplies itself almost automatically, always leave the lid closed. But make sure that there is not too much and not too little moisture in your terrarium. The soil should be moist, but never wet. If condensation water collects on the walls of the bottle garden, it is too moist. Then you should open the lid for a few hours so that the excess moisture can escape from the ecosystem.
  • SHIPPING: We attach great importance to a safe and secure delivery of your plant. We worked with packaging designers and transport companies to determine how we can transport your plant as safely as possible. We were able to develop a packaging in which you plant will survive cold or multi-day transport. All our packaging has been tested under different conditions before.
Bottle gardens contain botanical plants that we have carefully selected for their colour and diversity. Through the glass, the ecosystem is sealed off from the environment and is self-sustaining.
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